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Eye Color

The genes that management melanin manufacturing that alter the expression of coat color and pigment also can have an effect on eye color.

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The pigmentation of the iris of the attention varies relying on the content material of melanin, amongst different issues. Havanese which have black pigment have brown eyes from medium brown to darkish brown to virtually black. Completely different color eyes in Havanese happen when the melanin expression is affected by different genes such because the brown gene or dilution gene. The gene mutation that causes brown to be shaped as a substitute of black additionally impacts the attention color. Due to this, the eyes of chocolate Havanese vary from brown hazel to mild or medium brown. The darker shades of brown eyes of the chocolate Havanese can overlap the lighter shades often seen in black pigmented canines. The dilution gene additionally impacts eye color. Dilute black (blue) canines may have a diluted eye color which may be clear to boring blue, gray hazel, or gray. Dilute chocolate canines may have eyes which can be golden hazel, gray inexperienced, or yellow amber.

Darkish brown        Medium brown     Gentle brown(chocolate)   Golden brown

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dark brown eyes   medium brown   Light brown  Golden brown

Gentle Golden Brown    Dilute(blue)       Dilute (grey/inexperienced)     Dilute (yellow/amber)

Light golden brownblue (dilute)   grey/green (dilute)/   amber eyes (dilute)

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