how to convince your parents to get you a hamster

04/09/2021 01:37 23

If you are set on getting a hamster but your parents still need convincing that it is the right pet for you, then take a look at my handy hints for persuasion. As a parent myself, these tops tips certainly worked a treat and within a matter of weeks, little Oscar the Syrian hamster became […]

How to wash a hamster: All about hamster grooming | Pink Army

03/09/2021 21:36 41

Hamsters are naturally very clean and tidy animals; you will often see them grooming themselves. This grooming is normally sufficient to keep your hamster looking, feeling and smelling clean. Under normal circumstances it is not a good idea to wash a hamster at all. Water can remove vital protective oils from your pet’s coat. This […]

how to potty train your hamster | Pink Army

03/09/2021 20:40 24

Can you potty train your hamster? Yes, you can! If you want a cleaner cage that doesn’t smell like ammonia, potty training your hamster is the answer for you. Hamsters are very intelligent pets that learn quickly; therefore, hamster potty training will be quite a breeze. They’re clean animals who naturally prefer to potty in […]

what to use for hamster bedding | Pink Army

03/09/2021 19:44 20

To be healthy and happy, your hamster needs bedding that he can burrow into. Bedding absorbs urine and gives your hamster a soft, safe surface. But finding the right bedding for your pet can take time, especially if you’re new to owning a hamster. Hintau Aliaksei/Shutterstock.com Safe hamster bedding While it’s sensible to look for […]

how to dispose of a dead hamster | Pink Army

03/09/2021 17:08 39

Unfortunately, the festive break bought us some heartache, as our beloved hamster Oscar passed away on Boxing Day. Having been out for the day, we returned to find him with his eyes shut and his body stiff. How do you dispose of a dead hamster? Hamsters are not immortal, and these cute pets only live […]

how to make a hamster wheel silent | Pink Army

03/09/2021 16:32 31

Hamsters are wonderful creatures. They are cute pets you can live with and they are not demanding. A hamster stays in its cage most of the time so there’s no messing up your home constantly or causing accidents. There is only one problem I have observed with having a hamster- noise! A typical hamster’s cage […]

how can i tell if my hamster is pregnant | Pink Army

03/09/2021 15:48 68

There is a wide selection of hamster cage supplies available out there that will help your little friend have a healthy, happy, and long life. That is why you might find it difficult to choose the right product for your pet from all of these cages for hamsters. But, we are convinced that with proper […]

why is my hamster shaking a lot | Pink Army

03/09/2021 15:43 34

Have you ever looked into your hamster’s cage and seen them sitting still and shaking for a while? It can seem like a really odd behavior so it’s normal to wonder why your hamster is frozen and shaking. Hamsters will sit there frozen and shaking when they’re on high alert and they’re trying to figure […]

what is the name of the hamster in bolt | Pink Army

03/09/2021 15:27 32

Rhino Rhino is a hamster and one of the two tritagonists of Disney’s 2008 animated feature film Bolt (the other being Penny). Background He is Bolt’s biggest fan. He has all but memorized every episode of the canine’s TV show. When Bolt shows up at his door, Rhino sallies forth in his hamster ball to […]

how to tame a hamster that bites | Pink Army

03/09/2021 14:59 26

When I first got my Teddy I only knew a little about hamsters, so I made a few mistakes while taming him. Here I want to show you what to do to make sure you tame your hammy, and not get bitten in the process. My Teddy is a golden Syrian hamster, but this guide […]

what does a dead hamster look like | Pink Army

03/09/2021 14:58 36

It’s always a really unfortunate situation when a pet as cute as a hamster has died. Sometimes being able to tell if they have actually passed away or not can be hard to tell though. So to help out fellow hamster owners I combined a little bit of research as well as used some of […]

Why does your hamster smell? | Pink Army

03/09/2021 14:43 31

For something so small and sweet, hamsters can let off quite a stink. But what is the smell and where does it come from? Why does my hamster smell? Most hamsters smell to a certain degree, and this is normally due to waste in their cage or the secretion of an odorous pheromone, released from […]

how much should i feed my hamster | Pink Army

03/09/2021 14:39 22

Are you considering buying a hamster but want to be sure you can afford its lifestyle and diet? What are the right kinds of hamster food you need to take note of? Are other types of hamster food healthier than others? We have answers to hamster feeding-related questions and more here. The normal hamster diet […]

how fast does a hamster run | Pink Army

03/09/2021 13:53 21

If you’ve got a hamster and you’ve seen him running, you know he’s fast and relentless. For example my Teddy can run for a straight half hour and I can barely see his tiny paws, he’s so fast. But how fast do hamsters run ? And how much ? This is what I’ll be covering […]

How To Choose Your First Hamster – Health And Temperament

03/09/2021 13:37 10

If you’re looking to get a hamster, you’ll want to know how to choose your first hamster. Getting a hammy for the first time is exciting, and a big responsibility, even if he’s so small. Even if you’re not headed out the door to find your furry friend right now, there’s a few things you […]

how to tell if your hamster is pregnant | Pink Army

03/09/2021 12:45 20

A pregnant hamster usually gives birth to a litter of 6 to 12 pups about two to three weeks after mating. The average litter size and gestation period of pregnant hamsters varies according to their breed, and some environmental factors. Pregnant hamsters need special care before, during, and after the birth, to protect their health […]

how long does a hamster sleep | Pink Army

03/09/2021 10:23 26

Welcome to our complete guide to the sleeping hamster! Answering that all important question how long do hamsters sleep for? And when should we be concerned about the amount of sleep they are getting? Hamsters are SO cute. And just when you are watching your wide-awake hamster and think he can’t possibly get any cuter, […]

how long can a hamster live without food | Pink Army

03/09/2021 09:31 27

If you own a hamster, then you know how cute these little critters can be. I remember when I was younger, I had a hamster that I absolutely love. I remember that one of the common questions my parents but ask at the vet is how long after can live without food or water. If […]



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