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Garden Cloche | Pink Army

Garden ClocheModImmersive EngineeringTypeMachinePropertiesLiquid storage4,000 mBEnergyRF use8 RF/tRF storage16,000 RF

The Garden Cloche is a machine added by Immersive Engineering. It is used to grow crops placed in it.

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Right-clicking it will open its GUI (Graphical User Interface). In the GUI, the top of the central two slots is where a seed can be placed, and below that the block that the seed grows on can be placed (usually Dirt).

GUI for the cloche

In order to grow, Water and Redstone Flux (RF) are required; Water can be input through the lower front, back, or bottom ports, and RF can be input through the top, or through the lower left and right sides (anywhere with an orange dot, except through the front center block). Water, despite being strictly required, acts as a small Fertilizer boost when refilled by your fluid input systems. This boost dies down until the next time it receives water.

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Front view of the cloche

Rear view of cloche with marked ports

When it has all its requirements, it will grow the crop, generating a product and its seeds, consuming 8 RF per tick. Items can be output through the front center side with the orange dot on it.

Possible output configuration. IE conveyors also work

Various Fertilizers can be added to increase the growth modifier (production speed), including Bone Meal. The growth modifier is listed on the left side of the GUI, along with the amount of Fertilizer. It can be added through the lower front, back, or bottom ports. Using Fertilizer does not increase energy consumption.

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The Garden Cloche can be disabled via a Redstone signal.

List of supported crops

This section is a list.However, it may be incomplete. You can help us by improving it. Learn how here. Seed Soil Outputs Mod Bamboo Dirt Bamboo Beetroot Seeds Dirt Beetroot (×2) Beetroot Seeds Brown Mushroom Podzol Mycelium Brown Mushrooms (×2) Cactus Sand Red Sand Cacti (×2) Carrot Dirt Carrots (×2) Chorus Flower End Stone Chorus Fruit Industrial Hemp Seeds Dirt Industrial Hemp FiberIndustrial Hemp Seeds (×2) Melon Seeds Dirt Melon Nether Wart Soul Sand Nether Wart (×2) Potato Dirt Potatoes (×2) Pumpkin Seeds Dirt Pumpkin Pumpkin Seeds Red Mushroom Podzol Mycelium Red Mushrooms (×2) Seeds Dirt Wheat (×2) Seeds Sugar Canes Sand Red Sand Sugar Canes (×2) Canola Seeds Dirt Canola (×3) Canola Seeds AA Coffee Seeds Dirt Coffee Beans (×3) Coffee Seeds AA Flax Seeds Dirt String (×4) Flax Seeds AA Rice Seeds Dirt Rice (×2) Rice Seeds AA Hemp Seeds Dirt Hemp Hemp Seeds BTWM Blastem Defiled Dirt Defiled Grass Blastem Fruit DL Scuronotte Defiled Dirt Defiled Grass Defiled Sand Scuronotte (×2) DL Vilespine Defiled Dirt Defiled Grass Defiled Sand Vilespine (×2) DL Ender Lilly End Stone Ender Pearl EU2 Red Orchid Redstone Ore Redstone EU2

Crops from Pam’s HarvestCraft (crops grown from seeds, not trees), Mystical Agriculture (not in 1.16), and Attained Drops are also compatible with the Garden Cloche.

List of supported Fertilizers

This article is a list.However, it may be incomplete. You can help us by improving it. Learn how here. Fertilizer Growth multiplier Required mod Bone Meal 1.25 Fertilizer 1.25 Actually Additions Dung 1.25 Better With Mods Fertilizer 1.5 Forestry Fertilizer 1.25 IndustrialCraft 2 Phyto-Gro 1.5 Thermal Foundation Rich Phyto-Gro 1.75 Thermal Foundation Fluxed Phyto-Gro 2 Thermal Foundation


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