5 best games like Road Rash in 2020 | Pink Army

5 best games like Road Rash in 2020 | Pink Army

Road Rash needs no introduction. We have all, at least once in our lives, sat down in front of our Windows 98s, furiously trying to kick other bikers off their motorcycles. Road Rash was a simple game: race to the end of the map, and kick and shove as many people as you can on the way.

Of course, most of us played the game for hours, never feeling bored. Even now, Road Rash is the epitome of nostalgia for any gamer, and if you’re looking to relive your childhood by playing similar titles, then here are a few that you can try.

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Five best games like Road Rash in 2020

Road Rage

Road Rage (Image credits: Microsoft)

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A video game entirely inspired by Road Rash’s famed gameplay, Road Rage was developed by Team 6 Studios and published by Maximum Games. It is set in the fictitious city of Ashen, divided into seven districts, all available as racing maps. Much like Road Rash, the game is not only about racing, but also combat racing. The game allows the usage of hockey sticks, baseball bats, long knives, and a lot more to hurt your opponents.

Road Redemption

Road Redemption (Image credits: Steam)

Road Redemption is the spiritual successor to Road Rash, and rightfully so. Created by Pixel Dash Studios, it not only allows melee weapons while racing, but also adds the use of firearms. The game is very similar to Road Rash in its gameplay, and allows both single-player and multiplayer modes.


Extreme-G (Image credits: Gameplay PS9, Youtube)

A futuristic racing game created by Probe Entertainment, Extreme-G has a couple of instalments in the series. Set in a futuristic world that has been reduced to a wasteland, racers must get on their plasma-powered bikes and race through whimsical environments. The game also allows for various weapons that can be used for either offence or defence, adding quite a bit of choice for players.


Wreckfest (Image credits: Game Revolution)

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Though it does not let you race with motorcycles, the spirit of the game resembles that of Road Rash. A combat racing game, Wreckfest is all about ‘hurtling’ your cars into others’ until it’s only you that can cross over the finish line. Additionally, you can even buy or sell vehicles, and customise them to make your racing experience even more personalised.

Road Rash 3D

Road Rash 3D (Image credits: Wikipedia)

A game exclusively made for the PlayStation by Electronic Arts, Road Rash 3D is everything that it’s ancestor was — combat racing, where you can punch and attack your opponents while racing to the end of the map. Just like the original, you’d want to avoid losing or getting caught by the police to keep your money safe. Since both the games are effectively the same, you can pick up Road Rash 3D if you’re looking for nostalgia wrapped in slightly better graphics.

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