Fish Traps is an easy way to catch fish or items without needing a rod or waiting for a catch. It comes with 3 tiers ranging from wood to iron to diamond. Each tier increases the types and rarity of fish and items.

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The wood trap will only catch fish. You can use it without bait but it will be much slower. There’s a slot when you right-click the trap to hold bait. The bait also has a damage indicator and when it runs out you’ll need to replace it.

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Then over time your trap will start to fill up with fish. Simply right-click again and you can retrieve your haul. You can upgrade your wood trap to the iron trap and this will catch fish as well as various “junk” items over time. It has the same bait slot and will also catch fish faster.

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And the final upgrade is the diamond trap. This will catch fish as well as treasure so it’s clearly the most resourceful of the three. You could come across enchantments or rare tools as well as rare fish!

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