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elevated food bowls for great danes | Pink Army
elevated food bowls for great danes | Pink Army
Nice Danes are ranked #1 in bloat threat.

Since Nice Danes have such a excessive threat, raised pet food bowls have been generally really helpful to assist decrease the chance. However is a Nice Dane elevated meals bowl actually a good suggestion? This query is the supply of a spirited debate amongst Nice Dane homeowners and breeders. However let’s begin by trying on the coronary heart of the controversy.

The Downside

The issue is gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), generally often known as BLOAT. Once I first heard the time period “bloat” it didn’t sound like one thing that might be an enormous deal. I imply after consuming a Thanksgiving dinner I at all times really feel like I’ve bloat, however after a brief nap I really feel higher and am again on the pecan pie.

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The time period, “bloat” sounds sort of humorous, however I quickly realized that this situation was no laughing matter when Bobbi, our Dalmatian, developed a case of bloat. Only a few days earlier than Christmas, Bobbi was clearly uncomfortable and drooling—not one thing Dalmatians usually do. It was a Saturday evening, so we needed to take her to the Pressing Care vet. (Why do this stuff at all times occur on a night or weekend when the conventional vet is closed!? However I digress.)

I figured she simply ate one thing out of the rubbish that didn’t agree together with her, so I used to be shocked when the vet got here out and instructed me that Bobbi had GDV and would seemingly die inside a couple of hours except she had speedy surgical procedure.

We’d had Bobbi since she was a tiny pup and she or he was part of the household. So although the price of the surgical procedure was not in our funds, Grandpa kicked in and our story had a contented ending.

The surgical procedure gave us many extra fun-filled years with Bobbi in our household, but it surely was a wakeup name for us to be taught extra about bloat, particularly when our subsequent a number of canines after Bobbi had been Nice Danes, the top-ranked canine for threat of GDV.

So What Precisely is Bloat?

Gastric dilatation-volvulus is a situation that impacts the gastrointestinal system when the abdomen will get twisted and flipped inflicting blockage that results in the abdomen filling with gasoline and distending. Because the abdomen distends it presses on the diaphragm making it tough to breath. The strain also can result in shock as blood stream is restricted to the coronary system. Left untreated it is going to result in shock and dying.

What Causes Bloat?

Scorching meals, chilly meals, an excessive amount of meals, an excessive amount of train after consuming, consuming ice water, consuming water after consuming, nervousness, large kibble, little kibble, and the record goes on. The issue is that nobody has been in a position to put a definitive finger on the actual causes of the situation. There isn’t any scarcity of opinions and folklore, however even the AKC admits “This query has perplexed veterinarians since they first recognized the illness.”

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One long-standing opinion on the prevention of bloat in Nice Danes has been the observe of utilizing raised feeding bowls.

One long-standing opinion on the prevention of bloat in Nice Danes has been the observe of utilizing raised feeding bowls. The logic being that the raised bowl places the meals in a extra comfy place making it simpler for the Dane to eat. That is what we had been taught and have practiced for a few years. Nonetheless, there’s scientific info that will debunk this age-old piece of knowledge.

Does a Raised Feeding Bowl INCREASE the chance of Bloat!?

A examine carried out by the College of Veterinary Medication, Purdue College says, “Sure” a raised feeding bowl is a contributing issue to bloat in massive breed canines. (This examine was carried out in 2000, on 1,637 massive and big breed canines, not solely Nice Danes.)

Beneath is an extract from the report of the examine as revealed within the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Affiliation: (emphasis mine)

Elements considerably related to an elevated threat of GDV had been growing age, having a first-degree relative with a historical past of GDV, having a sooner velocity of consuming, and having a raised feeding bowl. Roughly 20 and 52% of instances of GDV among the many massive breed and big breed canines, respectively, had been attributed to having a raised feed bowl. (J Am Vet Med Assoc 2000;217:1492-1499)

That’s 52% of instances in big breed canines had been attributed to having a raised feeding bowl!


This goes in opposition to every little thing I’ve been instructed about raised feeding bowls! To place it mildly I used to be shocked. Even the AKC now holds the place that in mild of those findings they will’t make a transparent advice. Plainly it will probably now not be stated with any certainty that raised feeding bowls will lower the chance of bloat. The truth is it seems to be fairly the alternative!

This examine and additional analysis has modified my considering on utilizing a raised feeding bowl for Lucy. Regardless that we are able to’t know precisely what causes bloat, there are some issues we can do to scale back the chance.

If an Elevated Feeding Bowl doesn’t Cut back the chance of Bloat, What Will?

All of us wish to do what’s greatest for our beloved Nice Danes. If the examine reveals {that a} raised feeding bowl can now be thought of a threat issue, what can I do to scale back the chance?

Based mostly on the examine and mixed suggestions from the AKC, PetMD and different sources there are some things we all know can scale back the chance of bloat.

  • Earlier than shopping for a Nice Dane test the household historical past for situations of bloat.
  • Feed smaller parts, 2-3 instances a day relatively than one large meal.
  • Stop velocity consuming or consuming.
  • Guarantee your Dane will get loads of train and maintains a wholesome physique weight.

Lucy’s Expertise

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For us, we’ve fed our Danes from an elevated bowl for years and have subscribed to the normal knowledge of feeding from a raised bowl, no water after feeding, and restricted exercise after feeding. Nonetheless after studying the outcomes of the scientific research I’m decreasing Lucy’s bowl and paying nearer consideration to how briskly she drinks. Whereas she doesn’t eat a lot or shortly she is quick and livid in relation to consuming water, which appears to be a contributing issue.

I moved Lucy to a a lot decrease, however nonetheless barely raised feeding bowl. Just like the one pictured right here. It should transfer the rim of her bowl from 24″ right down to 11″. I really feel this can be a good compromise between consolation and good well being.

The outcomes of this examine got here as a shock to me. It has shifted my focus off of sure practices and onto others. I’ll proceed to be a scholar of this subject and can put up any new research that I discover.

The Backside Line

Pay attention to bloat and know the signs. Along with a distended abdomen, should you see unproductive retching, stressed pacing, or extreme drooling get to a vet as shortly as doable.

Talk about GDV together with your vet at your subsequent go to to search out out their advice on the altitude of your feeding bowl and some other precautions you possibly can take to scale back the chance of bloat in your Nice Dane.

As soon as you realize the info and have mentioned the subject together with your vet, you’ll need to determine what’s greatest in your pup, but it surely appears to be like to me just like the long-time observe of a raised bowl is just not longer a good suggestion!

Let me know what you consider this examine from Purdue and if it’s modified or affirmed your practices.

Bear in mind, we’re on this collectively!


One vet’s expertise:

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