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For the specialization in Dragon Age: Origins, see Duelist (Origins).


Duelist is one of the specializations available to the rogue class in Dragon Age II.

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The Duelist commands battle like a craftsman. Many rogues are adept at destroying enemies, but Duelists want challenge as well as victory. To them, combat is a proving ground where mettle is tested and mastery is proven. Unlike their stealthier counterparts, followers of this specialization will often announce their intent, inviting attention with bravado and insult. And while few can close as quickly or strike as decisively, Duelists can also choose to match targets parry for parry, extending or ending the battle as they see fit. To face a Duelist is to face a master of blade or bow—it’s an opportunity to be grateful for, however briefly they allow it to last.[1]

Talent tree[]

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Talent tree


Throw the Gauntlet Throw the Gauntlet Activated Activation: 25 Duration: 20s Cooldown: 25s Requires: Level 8 The duelist issues an irresistible challenge to a single foe. The enemy immediately abandons its other opponents to engage the rogue. Enemy will engage you To the Death To the Death Upgrade Requires: Level 12Requires: 2 points in Duelist The rogue’s opponent is completely absorbed in this duel. For a short time, the enemy will not seek a new target unless either combatant falls. The enraged foe also attacks carelessly, inflicting less damage against the rogue. Enemy will not seek new targetEnemy damage: -25% Cutting Barbs Cutting Barbs Upgrade Duration: 20s Requires: Level 14Requires: 4 points in Duelist The duelist taunts the enemy into lowering its guard. Enemy defense: -50% Sure Strikes Sure Strikes Passive Requires: Level 10Requires: 2 points in Duelist The experienced duelist has survived many a combat and is more likely to hit foes. Attack: +20% Parry Parry Sustained Upkeep: 20% Cooldown: 5s Requires: Level 7 While in this mode, the duelist’s defenses are strengthened. Against an opponent that has picked up the gauntlet, the duelist’s defenses are nigh impenetrable. Defense: +20% normally, +40% vs. enemies affected by Throw the Gauntlet Riposte Riposte Upgrade Requires: Level 11Requires: 2 points in Duelist The duelist’s counterattacks are more lethal. Attack: +20% normally, +40% vs. enemies affected by Throw the Gauntlet En Garde En Garde Upgrade Requires: Level 13Requires: 2 points in Duelist The duelist attacks with increased fury. Critical chance: +10% normally, +20% vs. enemies affected by Throw the Gauntlet Evasive Maneuvers Evasive Maneuvers Passive Requires: Level 10Requires: 3 points in Duelist After years of extensive training, the duelist has become keenly aware of incoming attacks. Defense: +20% Vendetta Vendetta Activated Activation: 40 Cooldown: 40s Requires: Level 11Requires: 2 points in Duelist Every duelist, even an archer, knows that the most memorable fights happen at close quarters… and that the first strike is the most crucial. To gain that advantage, the rogue vanishes behind a cloud of smoke, then strikes the enemy viciously from behind. This ability can be used from across the battlefield, for few rogues are as capable of moving under stealth as a duelist. Teleports you behind the target, even as an archerPhysical force: 2xPhysical damage:* Dual wield: 5.5x* Archery: 3.4x Blood Feud Blood Feud Upgrade Requires: Level 16Requires: 4 points in Duelist Even foes toughened by years of experience now suffer serious harm from Vendetta, and those that a warrior has left STAGGERED fare even worse. Physical damage: 300% vs. STAGGEREDStaggered.png targetsEnemy armor: momentarily 0%Enemy damage resistance: momentarily 0%Cooldown: -10s (total: 30s)


There isn’t much to say about this class specialization… it’s pretty straight forward. A few things are still worth mentioning:

First – it’s important to note that Vendetta doesn’t work well with archery, as it teleports the player to the target.

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Second – it seems that most talents ignore a player’s defense and hit automatically. Parry will therefore be useful only against normal attacks. A Duelist might still be vulnerable to mages.

Third – an enemy affected by your Throw the Gauntlet might still engage other targets as soon as you enter stealth or use threat-manipulating talents.

Last but not least – both attack and defense are significantly nerfed against elite or boss targets. You can hover over both stats to see the exact percentages.


Classes and specializations in Dragon Age II

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