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Doodle God 4 | Pink Army
Doodle God 4 | Pink Army

Doodle God 4 is an exciting puzzle game which is the fourth episode of Doodle God games. It is played by lots and lots of people all over the world and has a number of interesting aspects in solving puzzles. The availability on different platforms makes it a preferred click by people.

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Players find Doodle God 4 highly competing. It is a good choice in puzzle games and takes players to high level of excitement as they find new elements in the game. Brain work makes the difference in the game.


Doodle God 4 requires the player to find out new elements using combinations of existing elements and elements they find. It’s great thrill to find out the Universe using a world of magic.

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Doodle God 4 Elements

Doodle God 4 is the 4th episode of the game and it has elements of episode 1, 2 and 3. However, there are certain elements that differ. This episode involves finding out 248 elements within 26 categories. In this episode which is a world of magic in general, a new element called magic is introduced.

Doodle God 4 Combinations

Doodle God is a game that employs physical and metaphorical. Each episode starts with some elements that are unlocked. In this episode there are totally 26 categories and the player has to find 248 elements to win the game. Some interesting combinations include

doodle god 4

magic + void = darkness, light magic + knowledge = spell magic + religion = priest magic + priest = prayer light + darkness = shadow spell + fire = fireball prayer + priest = healing light + life = angel darkness + earth = underground beast + darkness = demon darkness + energy = death death + healing = resurrection astral + metal = silver human + metal = armor human + weapon = sword, crossbow human + magic = elf human + stone = dwarf elf + weapon = bow house + armor = castle weapons + magic = wand priest + weapon = mace

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Doodle God 4 Gameplay

Doodle God game begins with episode 1 that has the beginning elements namely air, water, earth and fire. Every episode has unlocked elements using which the player has to combine existing elements to get some new combinations. In that way episode 4 has one interesting element called magic.

In this episode, there are about 26 groups or categories within which the combinations fall into. Some groups include air, animal, water, tool, society, technology, plant, supernatural, fire, magic, life, micro, produce, ancient, earth, career, weapon, tropical, light, dark and myth.

The introduction of new groups gives interest to the players. Players get better chances to think; however, it is equally challenging to deal with the varieties. It is always good to get better exposure to the early versions to know what the game is all about. Players find some new level of energy in them as keep finding elements. They start doing lots of homework when they play. It is more like players recalling all that they have been learning since their schooling.

You can enter online and know lots of exciting aspects about winning in this episode of Doodle God. It is good to enter into different discussions to get more ideas on trying different combinations. Online tips on gaming can also be much helpful to players. Try this episode and make your game magical!

Doodle God 4, 5.4 out of 10 based on 15 ratings

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