5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Obsessed With Your Cat + 5 Tips

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Obsessed With Your Cat + 5 Tips
5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Obsessed With Your Cat + 5 Tips
Why Is My Dog Obsessed With My Cat

Does your canine appear to be obsessed along with your cat?

There have to be a cause for that…

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Search no extra – right here you can see the reply plus some attention-grabbing information about cat-dog relationships.

Learn on to find:

  • If it’s potential for canine to detect illness in cats.
  • What a canine’s intuition to herd has to do with the cat in the home.
  • How the sounds your cat makes may very well be drawing your canine’s consideration.
  • And far more…

Why is my canine obsessive about my cat?

Your canine is obsessed along with your cat both due to a powerful prey drive or as a result of they simply need to play. Canine with sturdy prey drive are inclined to chase after smaller animals corresponding to cats. Different elements embody the canine detecting an sickness or reacting to their pure intuition of herding.

5 the reason why your canine is obsessed along with your cat

#1: Your canine has a powerful prey drive

‘You combat like cats and canine!’

Have you ever heard this line earlier than? It’s a testomony to the pure antipathy between these two species.

Even motion pictures gained from this antipathy, as seen on cat-and-dog motion pictures corresponding to Cats & Canine.

Don’t be mistaken, although. Many cats and canine share a peaceable relationship. Right here’s proof:

Sadly, this isn’t the case for all cats and canine. Specifically, some canine stalk, chase, and even harm cats.

It’s an obsession that appears to be current in most canine.

One potential cause may very well be the canine’s sturdy prey drive.

Prey drive refers to a canine’s inclination to chase and even kill small animals. Preys may very well be cats, rabbits, or squirrels.

Should you suppose it’s prey drive, take a look at how your canine behaves.

Canine normally stiffen as soon as they see a cat

They’ll stare and focus. Generally nothing can break the stare. Not even the proprietor’s recall.

In worst-case eventualities, the canine will run after the cat. It begins a chase that may finish badly for one in every of them.

All canine have a prey drive. However that is stronger in sure breeds.

Consider Rhodesian Ridgeback, Greyhound, and Airedale Terrier. These canine had been initially bred to hunt and flush out small animals.

Some animals that weren’t bred to hunt nonetheless have a excessive prey drive. Consider Siberian Husky and Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas do it due to their guarding expertise.

#2: Your canine needs to play along with your cat

Play is an important a part of a canine’s life.

It has many great advantages in your canine, as confirmed by this research. Fourteen (14) Golden Retrievers performed tug-of-war.

In 20 classes they had been allowed to win. In one other 20 classes, they misplaced.

The end result confirmed that the canine confirmed extra obedient attentiveness after the play.

One other research confirmed that lack of play results in 22 behavioral points. These embody aversion, whining, pulling on the leash, and anxiousness.

It seems like play is the important thing to your canine’s happiness. No surprise they like to play with their favourite people.

Nonetheless, should you’re unable to play along with your canine, then they’ll discover a strategy to play with others. Your cats, for instance.

This may very well be the explanation in your canine’s obsession along with your cat.

#3: It’s your cat’s vocalizations

Dog Interested In Cat Sound Meme

You have to be as curious as I’m.

Might it’s the cat’s scent that will get a canine’s consideration? Or just their look?

Curiously, it’s the auditory cat stimulus.

On this research, the researchers wished to seek out out what catches canine’ curiosity in cats.

They studied 69 canine and their responses to a realistic-looking cat doll. The researchers additionally used cat urine and recordings of cat sounds within the experiment.

Everybody predicted that the canine would take note of the cat doll that smelled like a cat. The canine certainly seemed on the cat doll.

However the scent of the cat urine didn’t improve the canine’ curiosity.

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So what had been the canine excited by? The recordings of cat sounds.

Right here’s what’s extra attention-grabbing within the research:

Canine that had an aggressive previous encounter with cats paid extra consideration to the cat sounds.

#4: Your canine can detect illness in your cat

There’s so much a canine can discover out via their noses.

They know which hand you saved the deal with. They’ll scent the place you hid the treats throughout a recreation in the home.

However other than smelling meals, canine may also scent sickness.

A research in 2004 noticed whether or not canine may very well be skilled to determine bladder most cancers from urine odor.

The outcomes confirmed that canine had been ready to take action 22 instances out of 54. This was proof that canine may actually be skilled to determine individuals with bladder most cancers.

However can canine use this potential to detect sickness in different animals? A staff did an experiment to seek out out whether or not canine can detect most cancers in different canine.

The primary 2 phases had been profitable. However the final 2 weren’t.

Nonetheless, it’s of curiosity that sooner or later, the canine had been in a position to detect most cancers.

This might clarify your canine’s obsession along with your cat. The sickness is just not essentially most cancers. It may very well be a tumor or diabetes or one thing else.

And should you’ll discover, generally a canine takes care of a sick cat and vice versa. Right here’s what I’m speaking about:

They present care by sleeping close to the sick one, providing meals or grooming them.

#5: Your canine reacts to their pure intuition

Canine wish to chase different canine when taking part in.

However have you ever seen a canine chasing a cat for the aim of play? What you’ll in all probability see is a harassed or aggressive cat getting away from the canine.

It is a pure intuition in canine. They react to the sight of an animal operating and chase after it.

Chasing doesn’t apply to cats alone. It may very well be different small animals corresponding to squirrels and rats.

Bonus: Your canine is herding the cat

Is your canine a Border Collie? Or maybe a German Shepherd or a Welsh Corgi?

Their obsession along with your cat may need one thing to do with herding.

Such is the case with Firefly the Border Collie:

Herding canine had been initially bred to herd animals. They stalk and act stealthily. And so they nip the ankles of the animals they herd.

These are the identical issues a canine does once they’re herding your cat. There’s no livestock or sheep to herd, however the intuition remains to be there.

Thus, they could discover your cat the ‘sheep’ to herd.

5 tricks to cease your canine’ obsession with the cat

#1: Socialize canine and cats early on

Early socialization can stop an obsession from taking place within the first place.

Make certain your pet is socialized by introducing them to different individuals and pets.

Nonetheless, these introductions have to be in a managed surroundings. Don’t drive your canine in the event that they don’t really feel like assembly different individuals and animals.

Being socialized will help when it’s time in your canine and cat to satisfy. Your canine is much less prone to see your cat as one thing they need to terrorize.

As well as, train your pet that chasing a cat is just not a enjoyable recreation. Doing so means fixing the issue earlier than it turns into an ingrained conduct.

A technique to do that is to handle the interactions between them. By all means vital, don’t let it get to a degree that your canine has chased your cat.

So earlier than it even occurs, redirect your canine’s consideration. Which I’ll cowl subsequent.

#2: Redirect your canine’s consideration

Does your canine’s obsession entail terrorizing the poor cat? Don’t give your canine an opportunity to do it.

It means it’s important to assist your canine give attention to different issues apart from the cat. In different phrases, redirect the conduct.

In case your canine notices your cat, a recall will come in useful. Name your pooch’s title to place their give attention to you. This helps stop the possibilities of your canine occurring a full chase.

Apart from recall, give your canine one thing to do. A easy ‘sit’ or ‘down’ command will do. Then reward them for obeying.

#3: Introduce your canine and cat correctly

Introducing Cat and Dog
Introducing Cat and Canine

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One mistake you might do is letting your pets make the introductions by themselves. It may not finish effectively for one or each of them.

Earlier than doing the introduction, be sure your canine has already been crate skilled.

Step one is to get them used to see one another.

Right here’s how you are able to do it:

  1. Put your canine contained in the crate and provides them their favourite toy. Or an attention-occupying toy corresponding to a Stuffed Kong.
  2. Let your cat within the room.
  3. Do that in short classes at first. The thought right here is to make them really feel protected round one another.
  4. Step by step lengthen the classes.

If they continue to be calm round one another, you may proceed to the subsequent step.

The following interactions ought to go like this:

  1. Put your canine on a leash.
  2. Let your cat within the room briefly.
  3. Lengthen the classes once they get used to one another’s presence.

Be aware: Don’t overlook to reward them with reward and treats when they’re calm. You need to reinforce this conduct when they’re collectively.

#4: Educate your canine to be good

Your canine and cat having an amicable relationship is feasible.

And it begins with coaching.

An grownup canine will be skilled to love, or at the very least tolerate your cat. However you’ll have an amazing benefit in case your canine remains to be a pet.

They’re nonetheless studying and that is the proper time to show them to get alongside along with your cat.

Once you prepare them, do it frequently and constantly. That is vital as a result of the modifications gained’t occur in a single day.

However common coaching provides you with higher outcomes.

Let’s begin with desensitization and counterconditioning. These two are finest achieved on the similar time.

Desensitization is exposing your canine to the stimulus in order that they’ll finally get used to it

So how do you do it?

Expose them to your cat at a distance that’s comfy in your canine. However guarantee that your canine sees the cat.

Step by step reduce the gap between your canine and cat. The purpose is to shut the gap till the pets will be head to head comfortably.

Whereas doing this session, do some counterconditioning. It’s a course of of adjusting your canine’s response to a stimulus.

A great way to do that is by associating the stimulus with one thing good, corresponding to treats.

Right here’s how one can countercondition your canine:

Once they see your cat, give your canine a deal with. Hold doing this.

Your canine will be taught that every time they see the cat, they get the great things from you.

#5: Have a look at that

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Obsessed With Your Cat + 5 Tips

Have a look at that may be a recreation that may assist your canine and cat get alongside.

Its purpose is to seek out out your canine’s threshold. After which have them collectively with none preventing or chasing occurring. The brink is when your canine sees the cat however responds to your recall.

The sport additionally teaches your canine that one thing else is best than cat fixation. And that’s getting treats from you.

To seek out out your canine’s threshold, ask a good friend for assist. Have them convey your cat at a ways.

Bear in mind, a threshold can be completely different for canine. It may very well be 15 toes. Or 10 toes.

When your canine barks or lunges on the cat, you’ve gone previous the edge

As quickly as your canine seems on the cat, use a verbal marker. After which give them a deal with.

A verbal marker is usually a phrase corresponding to ‘good.’ It can train your canine {that a} marker is adopted by a deal with.

Quickly sufficient they’ll be taught to have a look at you once you say the marker.

Do that 10 instances, all the time marking and giving them a deal with every time. In case your canine seems on the cat after which at you, transfer nearer to the cat.

Each time your canine barks or stiffens upon seeing the cat, you’ve gone previous the edge. Transfer again a number of steps.

Hold doing these till your canine and cat are collectively with none issues.

Bonus: Reward, reward, reward

If there’s such a factor as rewarding like loopy, go for it.

It’s one of many issues that reinforces a conduct. Significantly if the reward is one thing that the canine really needs.

So in case your canine exhibits a relaxed conduct when your cat is round, reward them like loopy.

Be aware: Use high-value treats. Give your canine slices of boiled rooster, for instance. One thing that they don’t get fairly often.

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