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dog acting strange after teeth cleaning | Pink Army
dog acting strange after teeth cleaning | Pink Army

A dog acting strange after teeth cleaning is rare but it can happen. For all dog owners, it is a scary and problematic situation that will keep them focused only on the dog and nothing more.

You should know a few things about this matter and you need to implement these in your pet and make him recover sooner and enjoy more. There are a lot of myths as well and we hope to reveal all of them.

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Why My Dog Acting Strange After Teeth Cleaning

Dogs don’t suffer pain during or after teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning isn’t comfortable but it is far from a painful process. As you may know, your pet will get anesthesia before the process and he won’t feel any pain. After the process, pain is ever rarer and it won’t occur except there is a broken tooth or anything similar.

Keep in mind that your dog will want to eat soon after the procedure. In animals, hunger can suppress pain and they will be happy and pain-free as they eat. This makes things much easier. Dog acting strange after teeth cleaning can still happen.

Anesthesia is safe for dogs in 99% of cases

If you are one of the dog owners who believe that anesthesia in dogs is unsafe, you are wrong. As always, there is some risk present. But, the benefits of the process are far more important and will outweigh the risk.

After all, most dogs need anesthesia a few times in their life and there are no problems in 99% of cases. Yes, this also means that there are issues sonly in 1% of cases when anesthesia is issued. It is safe and the overall process is heavily controlled, hence problems are extremely rare and usually minor.

There are 2 methods used to give anesthesia to a dog. The first one is an inhalant method where your dog will breathe in the agent and he will feel sleepy. The second type is intravenously using a needle. Both of these main types can cause general or local anesthesia.

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What this means is that your dog will be completely asleep or he will be awake but he won’t feel pain in the targeted area. Most vets will use a mixture of the two methods in order to achieve the best result.

During this time, your dog will be monitored. Vets will monitor vitals such as the temperature of the body, pulse and respiratory rate, blood pressure, ECG, and also blood oxygen and CO2 levels.

EKG can be used as well. All of these processes are mandatory to make sure there are no complications during the procedure. Luckily they are used all the time these days.

Why dogs may act strange after teeth cleaning?

Some dogs will act strange after dental procedures such as teeth cleaning. You need to know that this procedure is extremely important for all dogs and it will make sure your pet has healthy and strong teeth, which he will use every single day. Teeth cleaning should be done once per year.

Dog Acting Strange After Teeth Cleaning
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The procedure itself is safe and there are no issues here. But, there are some things to keep in mind. Your dog may act strange after you bring him home from the veterinarian. You will notice that he sleeps more than usual. This is more commonly caused by pain medications than anesthesia.

He needs time to rest and his body need time to recover from the process. Once he is fully resting, he will return back to normal.

Some dogs will puke. This is a common side effect of anesthesia and there are no a lot of things you can do to help your dog. But, within 2-3 days he should be fully recovered and he won’t puke anymore. This is the same thing most people experience after anesthesia. There is no reason to be concerned.

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All dogs will have less energy than usual and they may need more time to rest. Once again, this is perfectly normal and they need the time to recover and repair the body. It is extremely important to let your pet do this or you can make things worse and he will need more time to recover after the procedure.

In a nutshell, your pet will be depressed. This is perfectly normal and should last for 2-3 days. If the condition remains present after this time frame, it means that there are some other complications present and you need to take him to a veterinarian. Once again, this is extremely rare and probably won’t happen. Your pet is safe.

It is important to add that there are no side effects of the process itself. Teeth cleaning is a safe and simple process that will make your dog healthier, happier and also want to use his teeth even more. Not a great idea if he likes to chew almost anything.

Nevertheless, he still needs clean and healthy teeth. The procedure is actually identical to the one you will use so you know that there is some time needed to get used to it, but once you are done, there are no issues.

To make teeth cleaning safer and more effective, your pet needs an X-ray before and after the procedure. This will also show are there any root remnants that may cause pain and also discomfort in the near future.

An interesting fact is that you can prevent or almost completely eliminate the need for dental cleaning if you give your pet meaty bones. They will do the job instead of a veterinarian perfectly and can clean the teeth easily. You need to give him this type of food once per week.


Dog acting strange after teeth cleaning is rare but still something many pet owners are worried about. All we can say is that this behavior is normal if it lasts 2-3 days. If it lasts longer, you need to visit a veterinarian once again. The procedure is pain-free and extremely simple, so there are no common issues or problems.

Learn more about Dog Behavior, What’s normal and What’s not with this article.

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