Cave 3 – Wet Cave | Pink Army

Cave 3 – Wet Cave				 | Pink Army

Cave 3 – Wet Cave Cave 3.png Outdated map, use instead Description Wet Cave Cave 3 v0.01

Cave 3 has two entrances: one on the river-bottom at the west side of the Fertile Lands and one near the dirty white tents across from two cannibal structures nearby.

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Much of the cave is underwater, similar to Cave 5 (see below). The rebreather and climbing axe are necessary to fully explore Cave 3. It is separated from Cave 1 by a rope. Climbing the rope will grant access to the water areas, which are separated by a climbing wall that can be jumped down but not back up.

Notable items[]

The following items can be found in Cave 3: IconChainsaw.png Chainsaw IconGunAmmo.png Old Gun Ammo CacheMap 01.png Photo Cache 1 IconToyLeftArm.png Toy Left Arm

Other items[]

IconAirCanister.png Air Canister

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IconBooze.png Booze IconCircuitboard.png Circuit Board IconCloth.png Cloth IconCoins.png Coins IconFuel.png Fuel Can IconMeds.png Meds IconRope.png Rope IconSkull.png Skull IconStick.png Stick IconSmallRock.png Throwable Rock IconWristwatch.png Wrist watch

IconSodaBox.png Soda Crate

IconSuitcase.png Suitcases

StripperNewspaper Siblings Missing Newspaper


BabyMutantFarket.png Mutant Babies PaleCannibalFarket.png Pale Cannibals PaleSkinnyCannibalFarket.png Pale Skinny Cannibals

ArmsyFarket.png Armsy


Walking Entrance[]

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Using this entrance is preferred, as the chainsaw can be retrieved without having to obtain the climbing axe or rebreather. Because of this, as well as the lack of creepy mutants, it is a good early cave to visit, along with the Dead Cave and Hanging Cave.

Diving Entrance[]


  • Before v0.54, Cave 3 was merged with Cave 1, rather than being its own unique cave.

Cave 3 Update History[]

Version Changes v1.0 Caves – fixed holes, lighting and transition areas between other caves

Added darkening in cave entrances to cover transition of player entering and loading

v0.69 Caves – fixed holes in caves 3 v0.68 Caves – chainsaw moved to cave 3 v0.54 Cave 3 lighting pass, extra planks, extra floating items, old pot prefabs, air canisters to flooded room, fixed missing climbing wall, added swim out area to above ground

Cave 3 added floating items and floating heads (Balance) Cave 3 improved enemy layouts and added more enemies

v0.39 Caves – fixed hole in cave 3 v0.31 New todo tasks: explore caves 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 v0.29 Fixed missing wall in cave 3 v0.22 Fixed water partially covering entrance to cave 3 v0.20 Cave 1 now connects to Cave 3. v0.01 Cave 3 added to the game

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