catahoula leopard dog australian cattle dog mix | Pink Army

catahoula leopard dog australian cattle dog mix | Pink Army

One of the vital latest and weird cross we can be is the Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine, a canine that outcomes from a cross between one Catahoula mum or dad and one Blue Heeler mum or dad.

What’s Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine? (Overview)

Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine is a cross bred between Catahoula Leopard and Australian Cattle canines (additionally know as Blue Heeler or Queensland Heeler).

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Whereas catahoula is a really powerful and energetic breed by nature, the blue heelers have gotten rather a lot in frequent. They present an awesome diploma of aggressiveness and sturdiness of their conduct.

Because of high-spirited nature of their progenitors it is best to anticipate a catahoula blue heeler combine breed to be extraordinarily energetic, lively and alert, making it a superb watch canine to maintain by your facet.

We’re going to try the vital issues you have to to know in regards to the Catahoula cross Blue Heeler.

From the dimensions, lifespan, historical past and origin, look to persona, temperament and the way a lot it might price.

Few Information In regards to the Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine

A Fast Look Catahoula-blue-heeler-mix Origin Australian American Peak 19 – 22 inches Weight 30 – 60 kilos Life Expectancy 11 – 15 years Color Black, Crimson, Blue and White Persona Energetic, Protecting, Clever, Loving and Impartial Hypoallergenic No Simple to Prepare Sure Appropriate for New House owners No

Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine Measurement

Identical to their dad and mom, catahoula blue heelers are thought of medium-sized. She has an common peak of 19 – 22 inches and weighs between 30 – 60 kilos.

If you would like an bubbly canine that’s powerful however won’t get too massive, this can be superb for you. However first find out about it, so you’ll be able to resolve whether or not it fits you.

Life Expectancy Of Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine

Catahoula blue heeler blended breed have a median lifespan of roughly between 11 – 15 years. This breed could have sufficient time to bond with their homeowners. Nonetheless, they should be taken excellent care of and effectively attended to, to dwell healthily.

Historical past and Origin

Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine isn’t purebred however a particular hybrid fashioned because of a cross between Louisiana catahoula and Blue Heeler canines.

Origin of Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Canine

Additionally know as catahoula cur, louisiana hog canine, catahoula Hound; this breed can vary from medium to large-sized canines. It’s identify originated from “Chowctaw“, an Indian phrase which interprets to “Sacred Lake”.

This hardworking breed is indigenous to Louisiana state in American near Catahoula Lake.

Catahoulas took place when a Spanish explorer, Hernado de soto within the sixteenth century, arrived Florida and began breeding his struggle canines viz, Spanish Mastiff, Greyhound and Bloodhound with Native American canines know as “wolf canines”.

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Catahoula canines are actual searching canines initially used for herding cattles and searching hogs. They’re nice service canines and are perfect for canine sports activities like agility coaching, frisbee and fly ball.

Origin of Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Canine)

Blue heeler, the primary profitable Australian-bred canine was developed with high-enough tolerance to face up to warmth and tough terrains.

The Australian settlers sought a canine that might nip on the heels of cattles to make them on the transfer always.

Thomas Corridor, the mastermind behind the creation of Australian cattle canine breed, caused this distinctive and hardworking canine by crossing Dingos with Sheepdogs.

Australian Cattle Canine accepted and registered by the American Kennel Membership in Might, 1980. It was formally positioned in AKC Herding Group upon basis in 1983.

Professionals and Cons of Having a Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine


  • Loyal, Loving and Devoted
  • They’re clever and quick learner
  • Excessive Power makes it good for searching
  • Simple to coach
  • Protecting
  • Alert


  • Can’t be left alone
  • Want constant exercise to maintain them occupied
  • Will not be an acceptable companion for different pets

Look of Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine

Peak : 19 – 22 inches

Weight: 30 – 60 kilos

They’ve a strikingly stunning look which can differ from one canine to a different.

A full-grown Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine could have a strong muscular construct which may be very anticipated from a inventory with sturdy and aggressive progenitors.

One other distinct characteristic they might inherit from their dad and mom is their one-layered quick coat that sheds fairly often. The colour of their coat might be blue, purple, white with attainable black markings. These colours on their coat could also be noticed, brindle, stable or separated as rounded Leopard patches.

Traits and Temperament of Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine

As each dad and mom are high-energy working canines, catahoula leopard blue heeler Combine ought to show the identical vitality and toughness.

This distinctive cross goes to be clever, protecting, loyal, loving and really alert. He wants plenty of psychological and bodily actions so it is best to preserve him busy and engaged on a regular basis lest he turns into a damaging nuisance.

It’s all the time vital to bear in mind that the temperament of cross breeds can differ because of components akin to genetics, coaching and socialization. So, be cautious of the type of breeders you get your canines. Be certain they’re respected.

Catahoula Leopard Temperament

Catahoula canine is loving, calm and might be reserved with strangers if not given an early socialization-exposure or coaching.

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As a result of catahoulas are very athletic, hardworking and busy, a assured chief is required to deal with this canine. It might not be the best choice for a first-time canine proprietor.

Catahoulas have a overly protecting persona coupled with an impressive alertness that makes them wonderful guard canines.

Regardless of their opiniated nature, catahoulas are good companion and would stay pleasant and affectionate if given apt consideration and sufficient room to say their instinctive vigour.

Blue Heeler Temperament

Blue heelers are sturdy and lively canines that require a continuing psychological stimulation and bodily exercise.

Identical to catahoulas, they hate boring environments and wants common train, canine sports activities or work as a result of they have been first bred to herd and nip on the heels of cattles.

While they’re energetic, cautious and obedient, they’re additionally loving and protecting of the relations. Typically occasions, they bond with a specific member of the household.

They’re often firmly resolved with a powerful drive for Independence and dominance, and wouldn’t be pleased or pleasant if handled badly.

How a lot does Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine Price?

On Common, the worth of a Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine pet vary anyplace from $700 to 1200.

High quality or fame of the breeder is the first issue that affect the worth of this cross. A brand new breeder who’s much less skilled are prone to have a lower cost for pup however they aren’t essentially the best choice.

Demand and Provide additionally play a giant position in figuring out the worth of the pup in a specific locality. With solely little information in Economics, one might already know that when the demand is excessive the availability will probably be low, or vice-versa.

Is Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine Best for you?

Earlier than you resolve whether or not this combine breed will swimsuit you and your life-style, it is vitally applicable to contemplate some distinctive qualities they possess and the way that matches into your life.

In case you love an lively, alert, muscular and frisky canine that can also be loving and protecting, then Yep! Catahoula Blue Heeler Combine is best for you, however he’ll want early socialization, correct coaching, each day train in addition to a constant companion to end up nice.

Additionally, in case you are planning to produce other pets, catahoula cross blue heeler would require early coaching and socialization to dwell amicably with them.

Now it’s over to you to decide on whether or not or not you take this spectacular combine dwelling.

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