The Only Bombshell Bra Review You’ll Ever Need | Pink Army

The Only Bombshell Bra Review You’ll Ever Need | Pink Army

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra before. The Bombshell bra padding adds 2 cup sizes to your bust, instantly transforming you into a VS Angel. There are currently over 360 Bombshell bra reviews on Victoria’s Secret’s website. You probably don’t feel like reading every single one, though, so we did for you! Keep reading for the only Bombshell bra review you will ever need.

How many sizes are there?

The Bombshell bra comes in band sizes 30 through 38, and cup sizes range from AA to DD. Victoria’s Secret also has a size chart and calculator to make sure you’re getting the right size for your shape.

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How expensive is it?

The Bombshell bra is $59.50 and the multi-way version is $62.50, so definitely make sure you want it before you spend the cash. “I love this bra,” writes one customer in a Bombshell bra review. “It’s a little pricey. I usually wait to buy when they are on sale. Also, if you take care of them properly, all VS bras can last for a long time, giving you your money’s worth.”

How comfortable is it?

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“It’s so comfortable and my husband even loves it on me!” says one Bombshell owner, who gave the bra a 5-star rating. “This bra is very comfortable. It is quite sexy and makes you feel sexy in it,” says another.

For some ladies, the bombshell bra padding isn’t always very comfortable. “There is so much padding my boobs have nowhere to go but out,” says one review. “There was so much padding it was uncomfortable to wear and felt very restricting,” another added.

What are the straps like?

“I absolutely love this bra,” says one customer. “But after a long day it’s cut into my shoulders with the straps.” Others say that the straps are a little fragile, so be careful!

How well does it fit?

Tons of ladies have raved about the fit of this bra. “I love this bra!” exclaims one review. “It is so comfortable! Plus, it looks so natural.” The Bombshell bra padding is a go-to for a lot of ladies specifically for the way it lifts and fits.

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Not everyone is thrilled with the way their purchase fits, though.

“The padding is so big it didn’t combine with my body for a seamless fit,” said another customer. “The bra moved separately from my body.” Some smaller chested ladies seem to have an issue with this bra gaping at the top, just like this customer did. If you have a smaller chest, be prepared for this to possibly happen to you, too.

Bottom Line

84% of Bombshell bra owners recommend this bra. The bra’s overall fit rating is “True to Size”, which customers can rate on a scale of “Runs Small” to “Runs Large”. Those who submitted a Bombshell bra review were also asked to rate the bra overall, and the overall rating of the bra is a 4.5 out 5 stars.

If you want to see before and after pictures of girls like you trying on the Bombshell, check it out on Cosmo.


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