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Apothic Dark Wine Review | Pink Army

From Modesto, California, Apothic Dark is a red wine blend from Apothic Wines. For this review of Apothic Dark, tasting assistance was received from a couple close friends who have helped before and have great palates for wines.

According to the Apothic website, the winemaker “Boyd Morrison crafts bold, captivating Apothic blends by using only the most distinctive California grapes. From vintage to vintage, Boyd lets the character and flavor of the individual varietals guide the shape of each blend.”

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Alcohol content of Apothic Dark is 14.1% by volume, per the bottle.

Price of Apothic Dark is about $13.99.

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Apothic Dark Review

apothic darkIn appearance, we saw that the Apothic Dark presents as a very dark deep plum to cranberry color. Practically no light shines through this wine. Red reflections were noted in the glass.

When tipping the glass to allow the wine to coat and create legs, the wine leaves a solid reddish coating on the glass. Legs are slow to form, but once they form there are many.

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On the nose, we concurred that the Apothic Dark has two stages of aroma. The first is an initial whiff of alcohol. For the second stage, we noted subtle woodsy fruit and a hint of pipe tobacco.

Regarding the wine’s taste we observed mocha, black cherry and a bit of smokiness.

Apothic Dark is a smooth drinking wine with a cottony mouthfeel. Tannins were felt in the inside upper lip for two of us (men) and on the tongue for one (woman).

The finish is long and lingering, well past a ten count.

After the formal tasting was over, we started pairing this wine with a couple different cheeses in a less formal, social setting. One of the cheeses was a bold goat cheese with a cranberry and cinnamon covering. We expected the Apothic Dark to get washed out and “dried out”. However, that was not the case. This wine is so bold that it holds up to such strong flavors.

The second cheese was also a goat cheese. This one had a garlic and herb covering. This cheese enhanced the sweetness of the Apothic Dark.

Overall, our three opinions were: “One of my favorite wines”, “a bold enjoyable winter wine” and “enjoyable, but since it is so novel in taste, wouldn’t want to drink over and over again as a house wine.”

That third point is important. This wine has a very unique taste and it makes sense that Apothic Wines chose to make this a limited release.

Give this wine a try before it goes away!

SPECIAL UPDATE: A lot of people really like this wine and have been asking me when we might see another release of Apothic Dark.

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So, I decided to contact Apothic Wines and ask. I let them know who I was and that a lot of people are interested in this wine. Below is their response to my email. Sorry folks… it doesn’t look good.

“Dear Jon,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Apothic®. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry.

Our Apothic® Dark was bottled as a limited edition, seasonal item that we may possibly produce again in future years, but for now, there are no plans to bottle any more. For further information on our Apothic Wines. “Like” us on Facebook.

We hope this information is helpful, and let us know if we can be of further assistance.

We know you have many wine and beverage choices, so we thank you for choosing Apothic®.

Sincerely Apothic®“

UPDATE: Several people are reporting seeing Apothic Dark on store shelves again, including in Walmart. It’s rumored to again be in limited supplies. See the comments from readers below.

FOLLOW UP: The general consensus is that this wine is no longer a “limited release” and is available all year now.

Are you seeing it year round?

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