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Minecraft Paintings | Pink Army

Paintings are decorative blocks in Minecraft that hang on walls. To make a painting, open the crafting table and place wool in the middle of the 3×3 grid. Then place sticks in the remaining boxes to craft a painting. If you right-click the painting on a wall, it will place the painting and then checks for the largest amount of space it has. It then chooses a random painting of that size from a total of 26 paintings present.

Minecraft has so many decoration blocks. Some blocks can help give your base a new home aesthetic like pots and plants, but another form of decoration in Minecraft is paintings. There are so many different types of paintings in Minecraft, and in this tutorial, you are going to learn how how to craft and use paintings in the game.

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Minecraft painting


Obtaining a Painting in Minecraft

– How to craft

– How to break

– How to trade

Usage of Minecraft Paintings

List of all Minecraft Paintings

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How do you make a 3×3 painting in Minecraft?

How do you make a secret door with a painting?

Obtaining a Painting in Minecraft

How to Craft

Crafting a painting in Minecraft is pretty simple. All you have to do is get one stick and eight blocks of wool. To get your stick, all you need to do is get wooden planks. To get wooden planks, you need to do is punch a tree and get oak wood. You can then turn one piece of oak wood into four wooden planks in your crafting table

Crafting wooden plank

Now that you have gotten your wooden planks, you can place them in the crafting table. Make sure to stack them on top of each other like in the pattern below. This will enable you to craft sticks.

Crafting Stick

Now that you have your stick, you need to get wool. To get wool, simply kill a sheep. One sheep will normally drop one wool. You need to get eight blocks of wool and then take that along with your one stick to a crafting table. You can follow the recipe below to craft a painting.

Crafting a painting

How to Break

To break your painting, all you need to do is left-click it once. This will drop the painting on the floor and you can pick it up.

How to Trade

If you can find a master level shepherd villager, you can trade him two emeralds for three paintings.

Usage of Minecraft Paintings

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Minecraft paintings are actually really easy to use. If you right-click the painting on a wall, it will place the painting on the wall as long as there are enough available blocks on the wall.

List of all Minecraft Paintings

Size (blocks)NameDescription1x1AlbanA man wearing a fez stood next to a house and a bush. As the name of the painting suggests, it may be a landscape in Albania.1x1AztecFree-look perspective of the map de_aztec from the video game Counter-Strike.1x1Aztec2Free-look perspective of the map de_aztec from the video game Counter-Strike.1x1BombPainting of the map de_dust2 from the video game Counter-Strike, named “target successfully bombed” in reference to the game.1x1KebabA kebab with three green chili peppers.1x1PlantStill life painting of two plants in pots. “Paradisträd” is Swedish for “money tree”, which is a common name for the depicted species in Scandinavia.1x1WastelandPainting of a view of some wastelands; a small animal (presumably a rabbit) is sitting on the window ledge.2x1CourbetTwo hikers with pointy beards seemingly greeting each other..2x1PoolSome men and women skinny-dipping in a pool over a cube of sorts. Also, there is an old man resting in the lower-right edge.2x1SeaPainting of a view of mountains and a lake, with a small photo of a mountain and a bright-colored plant on the window ledge.2x1CreebetPainting of a view of mountains and a lake, with a small photo of a mountain and a creeper looking at the viewer through a window.2x1SunsetPainting of a view of mountains at sunset.1x2GrahamPainting of King Graham, the player character in the video game series King’s Quest.1x2WandererA low-resolution version of Caspar David Friedrich’s famous painting Wanderer above the Sea of Fog.2x2BustPainting of a bust of Marcus Aurelius surrounded by pixelated fire.2x2MatchA hand holding a match, causing pixelated fire on a white cubic gas fireplace.2x2Skull and RosesPainting of a skeleton at night with red flowers in the foreground.2x2StagePainting of scenery from Space Quest I, with the character Graham from the video game series King’s Quest.2x2VoidPainting of an angel praying into what appears to be a void with pixelated fire below.2x2WitherPainting depicting the creation of a wither. This is the only painting not based on a real painting.4x2FightersTwo pixelated men poised to fight. Paper versions of fighters from the game International Karate.4x3Donkey KongA paper-looking screenshot of the level 100 m. from the arcade game Donkey Kong.4x3SkeletonA painting of the “Mean Midget” from the adventure game Grim Fandango.4x4Burning SkullA skull on pixelated fire; in the background, there is a moon in a clear night sky.4x4PigsscenePainting of a girl that is pointing to a pig on a canvas4x4PointerA painting of the main character of the game International Karate + in a fighting stance touching a large hand.

How do you make a 3×3 painting in Minecraft?

To make a 3×3 painting, all you need to do is create a 3×3 wall for the painting to go onto. As long as there are enough blocks, it will create a 3×3 painting.

How do you make a secret door with a painting?

Making a secret door is a lot simpler than it sounds. All you need to do is use signs on the side of the blocks that you want the secret door to be. Now, those signs will act as blocks so all you need to do is create the desired painting that you want. This will create a painting that you can walk through.


Q. What are the Minecraft paintings of?

Most paintings are inspired by other famous art pieces throughout history, but some are also made from scenes from video games as well.

Q. What’s the biggest painting in Minecraft?

The biggest painting in Minecraft is 4×4 blocks wide and tall.

Q. How do you add more paintings in Minecraft?

The best way to add more paintings in Minecraft is to go into the Minecraft folder on your desktop and go to the “art” folder. There, you can change the textures of different paintings.

Q. How do you change paintings in Minecraft?

To change a painting in Minecraft, all you need to do is break it and replace it.


Paintings are great items to use for decorations in Minecraft. Make sure you have a sheep farm so that you can keep making as many as you can. Go decorate your world with them, or use some to create hidden entrances throughout your base.

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